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wall_sex: · erotic · community

MOD POST: New Members

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Heya! it's been about a day and we have 10 members including ourselves!

Meet Ruch, aka biggrstaffbunch, who intends to bring us "hot, well-written, three-dimensional erotica." Huzzah!

Meet Veronica, aka blistered_lips, who is taken in more ways than one. XD

Meet Brandi, aka brands525600, who knows that everything is rent.

Meet Erein, aka causticwookie, who would marry chocolate, yet have an affair with cheese.

Meet Angela, aka icegrlqt637, who will be your italian, cheese loving Beta.

Meet Inell, aka inell, who writes a LOT of fanficition. I like her already!

Meet Lindsey, aka linds2005, who likes wall sex, and much more!

Meet Micah, aka lizardscum, who is very well versed.

Meet Markos, aka markos, who was actually named after a member of Twisted Sister...

Meet Cristina, aka saturnangel587, who swore off fan fiction in the 9th grade... yeah, that didn't stick.

Meet Megan, aka theministerscat, who... well, we added her even though we know nothing about her.

If you want to be a member, fill out the "application" below (it's just a formality and a way to get to know you), post it in a comment to THIS entry (or it might get overlooked) and go here to "join". It's that simple! BTW, if you are a member and haven't yet filled out an application *coughYOUKNOWWHOYOUAREcough*, please take a few minutes and do so. Starting now, if you do not have an application, we will not accept you.

Membership Application/Questionnaire
1. Your LJ user name:
2. Your first (or preferred) name:
3. Link to your livejournal:
4. Gender:
5. Sexual Orientation:
6. Age:
7. Marital (or equitable) Status:
Questionnaire Portion
1. If chocolate and cheese were people, and they both proposed to you, who would you marry?
2. What is the sexual position you fantasize about most?
3. Have you ever been to an adult business like a video store or strip club? Would you do it again? Why?
4. What’s one thing that when you see/hear/smell it you get turned on?
5. Are you a member of the “V-squad”? (it’s way cool if you are)
6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done sexually?
7. Do you fly solo? About one time per _______? (day, week, decade, nanosecond)
8. Name one movie sex scene that you think is muy caliente.
9. Would you spend a night sexing up Angelina Jolie?
10. Have you ever spent a day walking around your house in the buff? If you have, did you dance too?
11. Porn: amusing, hot, sick, boring?
12. Tell us something completely random about yourself.
13. What do you want to bring to this community?
14. Do you intend to share something with community once you have posting access?
15. Name one person you would have wall sex with.

Now get out there and sex up the wall!

<3, your mods,
fluteplayette & squrrlpoptart

PS. Check out the "rules" in the Community Info.

New applications will not be automatcially accepted. We have gotten our 10 new members.

Also, if you have not yet filled out an application but have requested to join, you have been accepted, but posting access has been denied. So please fill out your applications by Thursday October 6th, 2005. They MUST be turned in by 7:00pm. Ruth and I will decide a punishment if not done by that time.
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