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wall_sex: erotic community

...you know you want some...

Wall Sex: a depository for all things erotic
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Ruth and Leah, your most awesome and righteous moderators, share this crazy appreciation for the thought of wall sex. They love to talk about things like how being horny sucks and porn and boobies and all that jazz, and wanted to reach out to the other people who like it too. Join us here on the dark side.

To provide an outlet to share your fantasies.

• 18+ only por favor – we are currently working on how to assure this, so for now you’re on the Honor System.
• Feel free to share your fantasies, adventures, exploits, first times, original art or writings and tips. If it’s hot, we wanna know.
• This community is mostly NSFW - don't say you weren't warned. We ask that people use LJ cuts for images and long posts, but for everything else it's not a requirement
• Respect other’s right to free speech, but don’t abuse yours. We don’t judge or discriminate here.
• While we understand that people have different perceptions of what’s erotic, we kindly ask you to refrain from posting underage sex, incest, and rape.
• Do not even think about promoting your ratings community here. Text only links to promote other RELATED communities. If we find out that you are promoting to fulfill a membership requirement for another community, we reserve the right to put you on probation, rescind your membership, or even ban you. Please don’t waste our time.
• Membership is by a simple application, which we will actually read because we’re twisted like that. Tuesday evenings a mod will do the “New Members” post, at which time you will be inducted. (Applications after Tuesday at 2 PM might not get to us in time to get to your app, so you might have to wait for the next week.) If you were not accepted for one reason or another, you may re-apply in two weeks. Don’t bug us about why, it’s just a good reason to make sure we don’t accept you.
• When writing about real people, don’t share their real name; please give them a code name or refer to them using letters.
• Don’t even think about typing in L33t or using alternating upper and lower case letters – we’re all grown-ups here.
• Don't solicit for sex please. Like really, we're all a bit frustrated, but not here, okay?
• Hot linking is bad for everyone. Subscribe to a image hosting service and use that, okay? We recommend Photobucket and Weblogimages
• Seriously, if you haven’t had your 18th birthday yet, then you need to wait.

Membership Application/Questionnaire:
1. Your LJ user name:
2. Your first (or preferred) name:
3. Link to your livejournal:
4. Gender:
5. Sexual Orientation:
6. Age:
7. Marital (or equitable) Status:


Questionnaire Portion
1. If chocolate and cheese were people, and they both proposed to you, who would you marry?
2. What is the sexual position you fantasize about most?
3. Have you ever been to an adult business like a video store or strip club? Would you do it again? Why?
4. What’s one thing that when you see/hear/smell it you get turned on?
5. Are you a member of the “V-squad”? (it’s way cool if you are)
6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done sexually?
7. Do you fly solo? About one time per _______? (day, week, decade, nanosecond)
8. Name one movie sex scene that you think is muy caliente.
9. Would you spend a night sexing up Angelina Jolie?
10. Have you ever spent a day walking around your house in the buff? If you have, did you dance too?
11. Porn: amusing, hot, sick, boring?
12. Tell us something completely random about yourself.
13. What do you want to bring to this community?
14. Do you intend to share something with community once you have posting access?
15. Name one person you would have wall sex with.
Now post this in a comment to the most recent “New Member” entry, with the subject “APPLICATION – your username”, then make sure you go to the community info page and request to join.

Posting Procedure
1. Fill out the subject line. Tell us if it’s ART, STORY, QUESTION, RANT, or PROMO by actually saying that. Put a colon, then your title/subject.
2. We encourage the use of LJ cuts for all non-business posts; if your post is an Image or requires that you scroll to see the whole post, you must use an LJ cut. You can post a short teaser or introduction before the cut – keep it under 100 words and 200x200 pixels.
3. Give it an “X” rating – X (or x=1) for the most mild pieces, XXXXX (X=5) for the most mindblowingly erotic
4. If it’s cross-posted, let us know where with an LJ user tag – that’s one way people learn about new communities.
5. If it’s not a completely original work, please have a disclaimer and credit the artist/writer before you if possible.
6. Give it tags for at least the type of entry.

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