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It's midterms time and Leah and I are wiped out. If you completed the application process you were added as a member as of just now. Sorry that it's now Wednesday in the AM. We will make the introductory post later today.
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Just something I thought of doing, in case anyone's interested. And since I figured we're a community devoted to the romantic and erotic, I also figured there would be interest. (How presumptuous of me, no?) Just leave a comment with the color scheme and link to the picture/pictures you would like me to use, either to this post or to the one in my LJ Entry. I'll get them done and to you ASAP. If anyone's curious as to what one looks like I have one in my userinfo page.
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Heya! it's been about a day and we have 10 members including ourselves!
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If you want to be a member, fill out the "application" below (it's just a formality and a way to get to know you), post it in a comment to THIS entry (or it might get overlooked) and go here to "join". It's that simple! BTW, if you are a member and haven't yet filled out an application *coughYOUKNOWWHOYOUAREcough*, please take a few minutes and do so. Starting now, if you do not have an application, we will not accept you.
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Now get out there and sex up the wall!

<3, your mods,
fluteplayette & squrrlpoptart

PS. Check out the "rules" in the Community Info.

New applications will not be automatcially accepted. We have gotten our 10 new members.

Also, if you have not yet filled out an application but have requested to join, you have been accepted, but posting access has been denied. So please fill out your applications by Thursday October 6th, 2005. They MUST be turned in by 7:00pm. Ruth and I will decide a punishment if not done by that time.
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If you are seeking entry into this community you must reply to this entry in a comment with the application. The application can be found in the user info.

Thank You

Your Mods
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I'm toying with the idea of expanding it, but that's all there is for now.

"Watching Her" Copyright Oct2005, Ruth C.
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I'm so excited about this community. I hope we get a good response! I'm really looking forward to reading and contributing to the discussions.

We are always looking for new graphics for the community. If anyone is willing to make us a banner and or icon and or wallpaper, we would credit you and give you super sexy things to read. So please if you're interested in helping us out...Let us know.

If there's any questions/comments/concerns please let us know.

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Welcome to wall_sex! I have the pleasure of being the first to post because squrrlpoptart, your other mod, is at band practise. Please take a few moments to apply - the first 10 applicants who are at least 18 will be automatically accepted. We want to see this community thrive, so spread the word.
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